Greetings to my Fellow travelers! My portfolio is designed to show my experiences and passions, thoughts and persona so that you as the viewer can better understand my thinking.

As a constant student, including studies at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, no matter what the experience, one can always study the world’s great chefs in their creative dynamic and improve. There is never an absolute to any venue.

To evolve flavor, staying away from the chemistry and devoting time and patience to flavor and presentation, I advocate consistency in the natural and healthy without stinting on richness of texture. There is a balance between fats and balanced menus that takes careful study and patience.

My focus is towards personal chef forays rather than mass public offerings. This allows greater creativity without sacrificing flavor for monetary ratios needed in running a profitable vendor driven business.

Poetry, Passion, pursuit of excellence; these mantras should be the prime directive in having one of a kind and masterful creations, making memorable crafted artistry for those who share in the enjoyment.

We are in the midst of a culinary renaissance and I love being part of a world recognition and devotion to excellence to these arts.

To All:

Sante’ et Force’
Gregory P. Wheaton

Food fuels the body
Art in the food fuels our souls